Eyeliner tattoos are a semi-permanent cosmetic makeup option that can save time for those who find it tedious to apply makeup every morning. They are also ideal for individuals leading active lifestyles or looking for a subtle enhancement to their eyes.

Eyeliner Permanent

Eyeliner tattoo treatments 

 Classic liner

Thin eyeliners are recommended for hooded eye shapes with minimal visible space on the upper eyelids. This precise line can enhance the natural eye shape, and a slight 'wing' or 'tail extension' can elongate the eyes if desired. A fine eyeliner is a classic choice suitable for most eye shapes.

Lash line enhancement 

Hypoallergenic, permanent makeup pigments are applied along the lash line for a subtle and natural look. This technique is ideal for women who prefer a minimalist makeup look and enhances the appearance of fuller lashes.

Clients are advised to discontinue lash enhancement serum before booking a tattoo appointment. This is due to the negative impact on results and the potential for excessive bruising during the procedure.

Advantages of permanent eyeliner

Are you tired of your Eyeliner smudging by mid-morning? Do your eyes become irritated from makeup? Are you having trouble applying Eyeliner without glasses? If you lead an active lifestyle but want to look great, permanent Eyeliner may be your solution.


  • Permanent Eyeliner is a fabulous look that saves time. It gives you confidence and allows you to go out without feeling bare-faced, even without other makeup. It's even better if you already have permanent brows. It's like a wash-and-wear routine!
  • Permanent Eyeliner can help prevent smudging, sensitivity, irritation, redness, and itching.
  • Participate in outdoor activities such as swimming, running, and sweating without worrying about your makeup, smudging or running. Be confident in your appearance, whether at the pool or camping.
  • Permanent Eyeliner can be a cost-effective and time-saving option for makeup.


Eyeliner can enhance a woman's eyes, whether subtle or bold, demure or dramatic. It can reflect personal style, be glamorous, or natural. There are various styles of Eyeliner to choose from, making it a fun way to experiment with makeup. How do you decide on the right look for you?

The shape of the eye

Your Eyeliner should match the shape of your eyes. Eyes are not identical twins but sisters, with one often larger, higher, lower, or a different shape than the other. Skilled permanent eyeliner application can help cover up these differences and make them appear more symmetrical.

Age appropriate

Selecting a flattering eyeliner shape can help you achieve a fresh and youthful look without appearing overly competitive with younger individuals.


Consider your daily routine when choosing an eyeliner style. Think about how much makeup you typically wear and if you lead an active lifestyle or participate in outdoor activities. Decide if you prefer a natural or minimal makeup look. Consider whether you dress up or go casual regularly. Also, consider any cultural or religious beliefs you may want to respect when selecting your eyeliner style.

 How does it work?

Eyeliner tattoo is done on the sensitive and prominent area of the face. It uses pigments selected based on skin tone. The most common colour used is black. The procedure involves a micro-blading technique to fill a colour close to the lash line. Anesthetic cream is applied before to numb the area. The session typically lasts 20-30 minutes, depending on Eyeliner's desired thickness and style.

After the first tattoo session, you may experience slight swelling and soreness that should subside within 24-48 hours. Taking a day off from work is recommended to allow for discreet healing, although not all clients will experience these effects.

Permanent Eyeliner

 What do you expect?

After the treatment, expect flaky skin in the treated areas as part of the healing process. Avoid applying other products or getting the area wet, and avoid direct sunlight or strenuous activities for at least a day for optimal results. Nicole will provide specific after-care instructions and ointment to prevent infections or irritation. The best results are seen after the second session of this semi-permanent procedure. If unsatisfied with the effect, it can be removed with a saline base treatment or will fade out naturally within two years. You can apply thicker Eyeliner or makeup over it to cover it up.