Eyeliner tattoo for small eyes

Tattooed eyeliner is not just makeup that won't wash off; like professional makeup, it can correct many imperfections in appearance.

Eyeliner Tattooed

Permanent eye makeup can fix eye shape.

Permanent eye makeup is worth doing not only in youth when the main goal is to be constantly "in shape" but also in adulthood - it will return brightness to fading natural colours and hide age-related changes in the skin of the eyelids.

Permanent eye makeup can be carried out in different volumes:

  • painting the space between the eyelashes (creating the effect of thick eyelashes);
  • application of arrows on both eyelids or only on the upper eyelid (as in eyeliner);
  • a hand on the upper eyelid with a blending (as in underpainting with a pencil);
  • imitation of applied shadows.

An expressive look and a well-groomed appearance

We all know that no one is perfect, and this procedure helps to hide some congenital or acquired imperfections and correct various aesthetic problems.

Asymmetry and correction of the eye shape

An arrow with eyeliner visually allows you to improve the condition of your eyes - in case you need to hide an overhanging eyelid or make your eyes look bigger. With the help of an arrow and blending, it is possible to disguise drooping corners ("sad" look), too convex pupils, narrow cut or deep-set eyes. In case of natural age changes (for example, the skin is covered with a net of wrinkles and has lost elasticity), drawing an apparent classic arrow isn't easy. This is where the technique of blending comes to the rescue. It softens the transition from the dye shade to the skin colour, opens the look and disguises the primary signs of fading. After the procedure, a lifting effect is achieved: the eyelid is visually lifted, and the eyes look younger. This will give confidence and a harmonious image.

Make the look brighter and more expressive

If the client has sparse or light eyelashes, after filling the space between them with pigment, the eyelashes will appear thicker, as if they were painted with voluminous mascara.

Nuances of the procedure and peculiarities of the application technique

Tattooed Eyeliner

Even an experienced master should always pay attention to the following nuances:

  • If the client has deep-set eyes, then in this procedure, it is necessary to use a technique with a denser line of blending;
  • for girls with low-slung eyebrows and slightly drooping eyelids, offer a thin line;
  • If your client's main request is to make the look brighter and slightly enlarge the eyes, then your choice as a professional - fuzzy and blurred effect of eyeliner.

The upper eyelid treatment is the most common option for permanent shadow treatment as a single technique. There are several techniques for tattooed eyeliner.

  • A single-coloured, blended arrow is the simplest variant of this technique. Solid spraying along the entire eyelid contour with a smooth transition from dark to light and a light accent on the outer corner of the eye is used for almond-shaped eyes. At first, a dense dark line is applied along the growth of the eyelashes, and then the colour is gently stretched to 1\5 eyelids. The result looks delicate and natural, creating a slight "painted on" feeling.
  • The "Banana" variant (this code name comes from one of the basic techniques of applying shadows in makeup) should be used if you need to slightly "stretch" the eyes. In this variation, only the outer corner is tinted with a dye. Rastushevka goes beyond the edge of the eye and ends with a slightly bent tip. The oval, unpainted part of the eyelid (hence the name) visually enlarges the eyes and makes them look sincere and open.
  • The "Loop" technique is another technique that came from the classic makeup.
    This technique resembles "Banana" but leaves a space inside where the client can apply shadows of any colour in the future. Using it, it is necessary to apply a line along the eyelash contour and instead of bringing it out of the outer corner of the eye and getting a pointed arrow, round it off towards the fold of the eyelid - you get a loop, which after blending helps to give the eyes expressiveness. The area without pigment is more rounded, and the permanent does not go much beyond the outer corner. This tattoo visually enlarges small eyes and corrects deep-set eyes.